3 “Lesser-Known” Skills To Give You The Competitive Edge In Your Job Search

3 "Lesser-Known" Skills To Give You The Competitive Edge In Your Job Search


There are many skills that job seekers put in their CVs and resumes, in hopes that it will give them an edge when the hiring manager goes through them. But in our competitive and fast-paced professional industry, most of these “skills” are more often than not, a tad overused to the point that it isn’t special anymore. 

A little fun fact: Natural pearls are becoming so rare that only about 1 in 10,000 oysters have them. And even then, only a fraction of that percentage is of the right size, shape, and colour that is desirable to the jewelry industry. 

With that said, how do we then become a valuable pearl in the job market that companies and organizations look out for? Well, with exceptional and exclusive skills of course. Abilities and traits that make you stand out from the crowd. 

Here are 3 very valuable, but lesser-known skills that will give you the competitive edge you need to shine in your quest for the perfect career.


Skill #1: Commanding Great Emotional Intelligence


Intelligence is a very vague topic as there are so many definitions and differences in opinion of what defines an intelligent person. But one factor of intelligence that many hiring managers look for in a candidate is emotional intelligence. 

Not only is a person who has a great command of his or her emotional intelligence a valuable asset to the potential company, but they might also bring the current existing employees to a whole new level!

A professional with high emotional intelligence have the ability to not only manage their own emotions when situations get tough, but they can also spur and encourage their co-worker’s emotion as well. A great skill to have on the resume, most definitely!



Skill #2: Literacy in Computer and IT 


In this day and age, many of the tasks we do are on the computer, no matter the industry. Basic competency is a must but having additional knowledge when it comes to apps and programs is a sure-fire way to be seen and rise above the other candidates.

Many job seekers miss this part out of their CV’s and resume as they might think it’s redundant and not an important factor to list out. That is far from the truth as putting down proficiencies, such as working on editing programs or social media apps for the professionals out there, is as important as engineers and technicians being good with hands-on tools.

So do not be shy about establishing your computer and IT skills, it gives depth and colour to your important documents. 


Skill #3: Researching Ability


It may be true when people say, “Everything is on Google, information is right in your fingertips”. But how many can say that they have the talent to give more than what a layman can give? In-depth research on certain topics to more technical answers that are valuable to the organization.

Companies love candidates who can bring exceptional research skills onto the table as this not only boost the development of the organization, it will help them financially as well!

These are just a few lesser-known skills to enhance your job search. Think outside the box when updating your resumes and CVs, it might just give you the edge you need to oust your competitors and get that spot you deserve. Good luck and happy hunting for the perfect career path to success!

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