3 Industries That Are Rapidly Hiring Amidst The Pandemic Recovery

3 Industries That are Rapidly Hiring Amidst The Pandemic Recovery

Finding and building a new career during the recovery of the recent pandemic might sound difficult, absurd even. But some industries are hiring quite aggressively due to these circumstances and the key to your next step in career opportunities is knowing which sectors are readily available and on the contrary, looking for professionals to thrive their businesses.


Here are 3 industries that are hiring fast amid the pandemic recovery.




An unsurprising entry in the list, the healthcare sector has shown a spike in its job postings. A study by LinkedIn has shown a huge jump of 35% as compared to data of the previous year. Most of these entries are for the medical frontlines and pharmacists as the need for an extra pair of hands becomes prevalent. Another in-demand skill in the healthcare sector is in the mental health branch, Psychologist being the most sought-after.


The future of healthcare also looks very strong with medical tourism becoming a booming industry. Singapore, with an aging population becoming a factor, is expected to grow it’s healthcare sector to a whopping $44 Billion by 2030 according to Craft Driven Market Research.


Information Technology


As we go through the pandemic, the reliance on IT (information technology) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) takes precedence with remote working and it becomes essential in our daily lives like never before. From the birth of new apps that help the nations with social distancing to the uprising of companies like zoom, there is a huge demand in this sector.


Another branch in IT that would be interesting to teachers would be online teaching. As millions of students are out of school, there is a surge in demand for teachers. Outschool is an example where they are hiring teachers in the thousands to cater to their online students and lesson plans.


Logistics and Manufacturing


Amazon.Com is boosting its logistics and warehousing department worldwide by 100,000 workers due to the rise in demands during the recovery of the pandemic. Online retail is at an all-time high, thus the need for manpower as well as management is also vital in supporting such a huge growth in a short period.


The manufacturing industry is also predicted to make a quick recovery and comeback, by 2021, the fastest in any industry. It also holds the highest entry-level average salary, research shown by Glassdoor.


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