3 Career Advice To Avoid For A Happier Future

3 Career Advice To Avoid For A Happier Future

“To be prepared is half the victory” – Miguel de Cervantes

Career advice is an important factor in the journey to find the best path to success and many good ones hold great value and can help you be better prepared. Though, there are some pieces of advice given by fellow professionals that might be sound but can turn out rather negative in the long run.

Thus, it is just as important to know which are the types of career advice that should be avoided and which ones are most effective for the optimal outcome in your profession.

Here are 3 Career Advice you should avoid.

Embark on a Career Only if it Earns You the Most Money

There is no doubt, money is an important factor when the word career comes into anyone’s mind. Being financially stable is the best form of security for a comfortable life and every professional out there yearns for that. But money isn’t the only factor that should be focused on.

There are many other aspects of your career path that is of more importance. Two of the most sought after elements of a successful career are work-life balance as well as culture. A survey done by Mavenlink shows that 62% of its 1002 respondents quote work-life balance as the most important element for them.

Stick to the Standard Path

The standard path referred to here is study hard, get good grades, and hopefully land on a career that pays well. It might have worked a few decades ago but time has changed and the “standard” is no longer a viable equation anymore. In short, there is no “standard”.

In fact, competition is now so tough that interviewers oftentimes look pass the qualifications and are searching for candidates that possess the aptitude and work ethics with the passion for growth as their primary reason for hiring. This mentality is also more prominent with more millennials as well as Gen Z taking over the workforce today.

Passion will Lead You Nowhere

There comes a time where a professional will hear comments such as “Passion will lead you nowhere, find a safe job, and grow your career from there”.

Let’s be honest, would you rather wake up and drag your feet to your workplace just because it pays your bills and brings food to the dinner table or work with passion and do the things that bring a smile to your face?

Yes, you may argue that following your passion might not bring nearly as much money as compared to you working in a well-paying organization. But the fact that working with something you truly love with your heart and soul brings forth a quality of life you’ve always imagined. Remember “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

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